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Promotional programmes

The principal objective of the Municipal Collection of Contemporary Art promotion projects is to circulate the works of art and their artists, as well as to develop and increase the exposure of contemporary art. Regular exhibitions are held with the aim of showing diverse aspects of the collection, whilst the catalogues and publications that are produced in parallel encompass a large part of its foundations. Among its most notable activities, highlights include the annual exhibitions of works purchased in ARCO (Madrid) and the municipal competitions: Pamplona City Visual Arts Biennial and Young Artists. In 1998 the Sala Conde de Rodezno was host to the Pamplona City Council Contemporary Art Collection, displaying its most representative pieces. In 1999 it published a catalogue with the most important pieces from this period. In 2005 it celebrated both the exhibition of 10 años de adquisiciones en Arco, and in 2006 the 20 años 10 Bienales display, in the Citadel Sala de Armas. Continuing with its themed exhibitions, the Mirando al Mundo (2009), Obras para un Edificio (2010), Una realidad proyectada hacia el futuro (2011), Quince años de adquisiciones en Arco: 1996-2011 (2011) and Tantas cosas me dijeron tanto (2012-2013) displays were developed in the Sala Gótica in the Palacio del Condestable, all with their own catalogue produced.

The promotional programme continues via this website, which displays the entire collection (works, artists, technical and artistic features, images of the works, etc.), geared towards both citizens and art professionals alike. Likewise, there is another website containing images of urban sculptures in Pamplona, which includes, amongst others, pieces belonging to the Contemporary Art Collection which are located in public spaces. The Pamplona Sculpture Guide (esculturas.pamplona.es). Another of its promotional projects is related to the mobility and exhibition of pieces in other centres or exhibition spaces with the objective of promoting both the collection and the artists themselves. Ties have been established between other art centres with their own collections, as well as with collectors to consider the loan and exchange of pieces or the production of collaborative travelling exhibitions. As a result, works of art have been conceded by artists such as: Peter Zimmermann, Adolfo Schlosser, José Pedro Croft, Mikel Navarro, Carmen Calvo, Julio Martín Caro, José Ramón Anda, Carlos Cánovas, Ángel Mateo Charris, José Manuel Ballester, Fernando Pagola, Carlos Irijalba, Elena Goñi, Pedro Manterola, Curro González, etc. Their works of art have been exhibited in different national and international centres including museums in Navarre, Argentina, Uruguay, Tarragona, San Sebastian; Arts Centres such as Caja Burgos, the Belem Cultural Centre in Lisbon, the Galician Contemporary Arts Centre, the Villa de Madrid Cultural Centre, Ibercaja in Zaragoza, the Barcelona CCCB.

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