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Methods of acquisition

Various channels are utilised to acquire works for the Municipal Collection of Contemporary Art: purchases from fairs, galleries or artists; competitions, such as the Pamplona City Visual Arts Biennial and the Pamplona Young Artists, as well as donations from the artists themselves. Until now, the majority of the works have been acquired from the ARCO Fair (Madrid) and the DFOTO (San Sebastian) and LOOP (Barcelona) Fairs, as well as from the Pamplona City Visual Arts Biennial (formerly the Painting Biennial) and the Pamplona Young Artists Competition. Works have also been acquired from prestigious galleries and directly from artists that, due to their particular careers or personal circumstances, do not offer their works through the usual route of gallery owners.

The acquisitions have been evaluated by a long list of experts with a thorough knowledge of the art market and the evolution of contemporary art. Not only does this guarantee the quality of the works, but also ensures the recognition of the artists and their future potential. Names such as Teresa Blanch, Juan Manuel Bonet, Francisco Calvo Serraller, Manel Clot, María de Corral, Estrella De Diego, Miguel Fernández-Cid, Fernando Francés, Fernando Huici, Tomás Llorens, Javier Maderuelo, José Marín Medina, Fernando Meana, Artemis Olaizola, Rosa Queralt and Javier Riaño form part of the lists of experts that have advised the Pamplona City Council. The purchase of each work of art is based on the relevance of the chosen pieces within the context of contemporary visual arts, on the presence and relevance of the artist within the current visual art world, principally on the national scene as well as other offers of particular interest from the international community.

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