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The Pamplona City Council Contemporary Art Collection is currently host to over 500 works of art. This art collection is the outcome of an initiative by the Pamplona consistory, which over time has purchased and brought together different works of art by national and international artists from the last third of the 20th century right up to today. The collection holds a large variety of artistic disciplines, from drawings and paintings to video creation and installation art. Over 400 creators display their works in this cultural initiative, which demonstrates Pamplona City Council's marked commitment to contemporary art. Pamplona City Council regularly undertakes activities that promote the value, preservation and advancement of this artistic heritage, with exhibitions, exchanges, restoration works and editorial publications.

Ayuntamiento de Pamplona. Área de Educación y Cultura

Calle Descalzos 72, 2º. 31001 Pamplona, SPAIN