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The collection was started in 1993 in the Pamplona City Council Area of Citizen Promotion, which organised the fourth edition of the Painting Biennial. The first three Biennials were held in 1986, 1988 and 1990 and awarded three prizes, with a jury selected among university teachers. A marked conceptual change in its foundations led to the conventional award prizes being substituted for a fund to acquire participants' works. This pushed the Biennial from being the ultimate achievement in itself, to becoming a vehicle of change towards the creation of a public contemporary art collection. From 1995, the collection received another significant boost when it began to focus on more current artistic ventures. On the one hand it consolidated an annual budget which allowed it to participate in the City Council Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO), enabling it to attain greater quality and interest in the works, artists and disciplines represented. On the other hand, the Pamplona City Painting Biennial was named the Pamplona City Visual Arts Biennial (in its seventh edition in 1999), opening up the competition to other artistic disciplines. The Pamplona Young Artists competition (which has been held since 1984), has added prize winning works of art to the collection since 1999, increasing the value of these pieces whilst also helping many of the winning artists to acquire national and even international prestige. Parallel to these initiatives, a line of direct acquisitions was established, with the aim of filling in some of the gaps that appeared in the collections. In addition to this, many artists and collectors have donated and continue to donate works of art, enhancing the city's heritage.

Ayuntamiento de Pamplona. Área de Educación y Cultura

Calle Descalzos 72, 2º. 31001 Pamplona, SPAIN